Our FB6 certified engineered rubber ballistic blocks are specifically designed for use in live-fire operational environments, including target hardening and asset protection.

These blocks can be used to construct a wide variety of temporary or permanent structures, and can be easily removed and reused.

Armour piercing option available.
Same Block. Different Chemistry.

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Quick and easy to install
Absorbs projectiles and fragments
Protects from ricochet hazards
Eliminates bullet fragmentation
Modular, interlocking, free-standing design
No adhesives or additional materials
Suitable for indoor and outdoor applications
Hard wearing under intense use
Certified to BS
EN1522/23 FB6
5.56x45mm SS109
& 7.62x51mm NATO
Weight: 34kg (Standard/Corner)
Weight: 47kg (Large)


Our Anti-Ricochet Tiles are designed to improve the safety of live fire environments for commercial and governmental shooting ranges and shoot-houses.

These tiles are ideal for reinforcing walls, ceilings, and floors, and have been installed both indoors and outdoors in shooting ranges, shoot houses, and other live fire training facilities around the world.

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Enhances range safety
Absorbs projectiles and fragments
Protects from ricochet hazards
Eliminates bullet fragmentation
Reduces airborne lead
Suitable for indoor and outdoor applications
Quick and easy to install
Size: Up to 1m x 1m
Depth: 15/43/55mm
Density: 900kg/m3
Tensile Strength: 1.4N/mm2
Resistance: 80% Min B.S. 903/2A


Situated between the target and the backstop, Linatex rubber curtains for target backing are suspended freely with the purpose of deflecting bullets and preventing backspatter from shooters.

The exceptional self-healing properties of Linatex premium rubber ensure unparalleled performance and longevity, earning the trust of leading ballistics experts and shooting ranges worldwide, including those affiliated with military and law enforcement.

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All Rosehill Security's products share a long standing reputation for technical excellence and providing cost-effective solutions for our clients.

Our innovative range of hostile vehicle mitigation (HVM) and perimeter security products are manufactured in the UK using 100% recycled rubber bonded with polyurethane for strength and durability. Their tough construction enables them to be installed almost anywhere, removed and used again and again.